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This journal has been friends-locked, excluding  specific entries, for a while, but this is the official "If you'd like to be friends, drop a comment here" post

Be forewarned that my journal is mostly about unfortunate episodes of heartbreak.
(Interspersed with WIPs and some frill talk.)

Does anyone want to take part in a tiny fashion show?

so basically, a lady who used to occasionally cover lessons when I did A-level Japanese is organizing a Japanese open day event for the school on the 26th of June. (She was also the brains behind our dancing hare hare yukai on Brighton seafront in the dead of winter...) 

But anyway, I was just wondering if anybody wanted to come and hang out down here to take part? It's not a HUGE event or anything even remotely "srs business"  but we could go for tea afterwards and perhaps make the rest of the day into a little meet?
This is probably going to be a no-frills kinda thing (lololol, see what I did there) ... lolita 101 like at the first Moshi festival most likely, but if any pretty ladies would like to come down in their finest / wackiest and help me out, that'd be grand. 


I'm using my day off to mull over my ideas for the fashion show.
(I still rather don't know what's going down with the co-organizing situation..? :/ I'm just gonna go ahead anyway..)

At the moment, I'm waiting to hear back on whether or not the day that the show takes place is negotiable, before I send out any mass emails for models. I want to make sure this happens on a day that I can secure maximum numbers, and be nice and convenient for all involved.
- Just got word back, it is indeed negotiable.

I've asked the guys in charge whether we could have a walk-way of some description roped off, going through the crowd, as opposed to last year where we were all squished onto a tiny square platform which didn't really allow for much walking.
I want to have everyone do their walk through the crowd and then onto the stage where they can pose a little, then walk off. Set to some banging tunes, of course.

One of my main theme ideas is to have at least a few sets of twins, wearing the same print in different colourways, and having co-ordinated hairdos. (I've been imagining a lot of bow hairpieces ala Gaga.)

I'm thinking also that because (with any luck) we'll be basking in glorious sunshine, the sweeter the better. I wore a gothic co-ordinate last year and in reflection, although we were trying to represent all the substyles, it just looked perculiar. (And I nearly died from heatstroke.)
An amazingly colourful, sweet-centered show would be really good, I think.

I'm also dying to have someone dress sailor loli, partnered by two sailor kodonas / boy-style guys who lift her onto the stage, among other things.
I think this would be fantastically Brighton-camp without going full-on YMCA. Haha

I'm also contemplating music choices. (We'll probably only need one track, seeing as I don't intend on doing any talking except perhaps a tiny weeny blurb...)
Capsule / Perfume stuff seems almost too obvious but I really like these tracks for it:

Still not sure I'm completly sold, but I'll keep looking.

ALSO - If you guys have ANYTHING sorta related to sell. (Even be it a little bric-a-brac..) Please let me know, because as I've mentioned - they're offering us stands at no charge, so if you're a lolita merchant of some description, it's a great opportunity really.

Moshi Moshi catwalk II

Important news, friendslist:  I was summoned for a meeting with the two guys in charge at Moshi Moshi re. this year's festival events.
In roughly 3 weeks, there's going to be an 'anime festival' with cosplayers, Tokyo Toys... etc present, and they've invited me to organize some lolita bits and pieces alongside all the anime madness.
It's a fairly big deal, as this year they're making it bigger and better and grander, and a fair amount of press / media are going to get involved, with any luck. They're also talking about a celebrity presence of some description.

Anyway, They want another catwalk to take place like last year, and have also given us the opportunity to have stalls set up (if any of us want to, that is.) where we could sell loli accessories for example (good news for the jewelers etc amongst us... ;) ) 
I think the official word was that we wouldn't have to pay for the stall either, so it's pretty much a fantastic opportunity, as I expect there will be huge crowds. (We'd set up shifts or something to make sure it was supervised at all times.)

As far as the catwalk goes - I'll be sending out something a bit more official in the next few days, but I'm going to start the 'casting' via invite, and if we desperately need more bodies, then I'll advertise openly. As I don't know -everyone- in the scene here, please feel free to spam me with suggestions for keen participants also.
I am just dreaming about putting something really sleek and quite wonderful together. :o
I don't want to bog it down with heaps of explanations and talking because I think Lolita 101 has been done to death really.

ALSO - If possible, they'd like a few of us to go out frilled up on the weekend of the 24th, flyering. (Which they are willing to pay us £5 - 6 an hour for.)  This is probably going to be happening from 12 - 4 in the daytime. So if you're free at the weekend and you feel like getting paid to wear lolita, come help out.

work in progress...

I've decided I'm going to share my WIPs from now on.

This is just a little portion of it, and I took it on webcam because I want to save as much as possible for when it's finished.


Today is a day of lolita sadness.

Saw Rose Toilette up on Fururun in my preferred version of black JSK (fairly inexpensive too) before it went on sale. Decided I was ttly purchasing dat shit. Checked intermittently throughout the night for it to go up, slept a few hours too long in the end and bloody missed it.

Now I see that Marionette Girl black JSK is on mbok at the vastly improved price of 31,000yen, and although I could theoretically buy it, it's just a *little* too much considering I'm saving for Japan.

However, to soften the blow of these losses, I did get my lovely new bag in the post.

Sort of wish I had it in the all-white colourway, but it was at half retail price on fururun, so I couldn't resist.

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I should really have better things to do, but I dressed my sister up in lolita XD

She looks better in that set than me >:

Also, I watched Edward Scissorhands as my Christmas movie of choice, ahhhh I love it ;_; *tears up*