milk poison (ichigo_shock) wrote,
milk poison


I'm using my day off to mull over my ideas for the fashion show.
(I still rather don't know what's going down with the co-organizing situation..? :/ I'm just gonna go ahead anyway..)

At the moment, I'm waiting to hear back on whether or not the day that the show takes place is negotiable, before I send out any mass emails for models. I want to make sure this happens on a day that I can secure maximum numbers, and be nice and convenient for all involved.
- Just got word back, it is indeed negotiable.

I've asked the guys in charge whether we could have a walk-way of some description roped off, going through the crowd, as opposed to last year where we were all squished onto a tiny square platform which didn't really allow for much walking.
I want to have everyone do their walk through the crowd and then onto the stage where they can pose a little, then walk off. Set to some banging tunes, of course.

One of my main theme ideas is to have at least a few sets of twins, wearing the same print in different colourways, and having co-ordinated hairdos. (I've been imagining a lot of bow hairpieces ala Gaga.)

I'm thinking also that because (with any luck) we'll be basking in glorious sunshine, the sweeter the better. I wore a gothic co-ordinate last year and in reflection, although we were trying to represent all the substyles, it just looked perculiar. (And I nearly died from heatstroke.)
An amazingly colourful, sweet-centered show would be really good, I think.

I'm also dying to have someone dress sailor loli, partnered by two sailor kodonas / boy-style guys who lift her onto the stage, among other things.
I think this would be fantastically Brighton-camp without going full-on YMCA. Haha

I'm also contemplating music choices. (We'll probably only need one track, seeing as I don't intend on doing any talking except perhaps a tiny weeny blurb...)
Capsule / Perfume stuff seems almost too obvious but I really like these tracks for it:

Still not sure I'm completly sold, but I'll keep looking.

ALSO - If you guys have ANYTHING sorta related to sell. (Even be it a little bric-a-brac..) Please let me know, because as I've mentioned - they're offering us stands at no charge, so if you're a lolita merchant of some description, it's a great opportunity really.

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