milk poison (ichigo_shock) wrote,
milk poison

Does anyone want to take part in a tiny fashion show?

so basically, a lady who used to occasionally cover lessons when I did A-level Japanese is organizing a Japanese open day event for the school on the 26th of June. (She was also the brains behind our dancing hare hare yukai on Brighton seafront in the dead of winter...) 

But anyway, I was just wondering if anybody wanted to come and hang out down here to take part? It's not a HUGE event or anything even remotely "srs business"  but we could go for tea afterwards and perhaps make the rest of the day into a little meet?
This is probably going to be a no-frills kinda thing (lololol, see what I did there) ... lolita 101 like at the first Moshi festival most likely, but if any pretty ladies would like to come down in their finest / wackiest and help me out, that'd be grand. 

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